DeviceOn’s fast and simple setup helps provide instant intelligent edge onboarding, data acquisition, and status visualization.

  • DeviceOn/CommBridge

    DeviceOn.CommBridge provides data acquisition, protocol conversion, rule engine, and an easy-to-integrated APIs to quickly respond to the requirement of edge intelligence industry and help customers achieve digital transformation and upgrade in IoT era.

  • DeviceOn/Display

    DeviceOn/Display can support display function adjustment by central control or handheld devices. The operating status can be monitored and also the problem will be recorded in server every day. It will be easily to control each display and save time for management.

  • DeviceOn/ePaper

    When integrated with an EPD server, DeviceOn/ePaper helps manage wireless EPD systems using Web GUI. Advantech’s DeviceOn/ePaper features multi-functional RESTful APIs. These help developers integrate vertical market applications — including those in retail, smart warehouse, factory, hospital, etc.

  • DeviceOn/iEdge

    DeviceOn.iEdge is an industrial app that enables effective equipment management for optimized productivity. It provides equipment connectivity with standard industrial protocol support (Modbus, OPC-UA, ODBC…etc.), an easy and user-friendly interface for equipment status monitoring and management.

  • DeviceOn/Kiosk+

    DeviceOn/Kiosk+ is an industrial app that enables effective Kiosk devices and kiosk peripherals management. With DeviceOn/Kiosk+, you can remote monitor and remote control your kiosk devices, take real time actions, troubleshooting, and update firmware over-the-air.

  • DeviceOn/SQ Manager

    DeviceOn/SQ Manager provides disk wear status and operating information like power-on time, temperature, power-cycle counts, and event logs for diagnostic purposes. This delivers real-time warnings, such as overheating and system overload alerts, to users.

  • WISE-DeviceOn

    DeviceOn makes it easy to onboard, visualize, operate, and manage your industrial IoT devices. With DeviceOn’s easy-to-use interface, you can monitor device health, real-time actions to power on/off, troubleshoot problems, and send software updates over-the-air (OTA) on-site and remotely, at scale.

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