Advantech has created SUSI (Secure and Unified Smart Interface), a suite of application interfaces that lets users directly monitor and control digital I/O, I2C, CPU stepping speed, watchdog timers, and smart fans. SUSI APIs help produce better, more reliable products, with faster time-to-market.


    Advantech has created SUSI APIs to simplify application development and offer exclusive services with Advantech’s embedded platforms. SUSI APIs make it easier for customers to
    program and configure features while integrating solutions. SUSI APIs provide a series of functions with a modularized design. Customers can easily implement them to fulfill their
    application requirements. For outdoor applications, for example, customers can easily configure hardware monitors, thermal protection settings, system throttling, and brightness levels
    for digital signage players and display control and management interfaces. New platforms can be easily upgraded without effort needing to be expended on redesigning applications.
    SUSI APIs provide an IoT Translator SDK to assist customers with easily integrating their own devices on Advantech embedded platforms. This SDK effectively plays the role of a
    translator, allowing plug-in functions to connect to peripherals and run a...

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