8K Real-Time Video Appliance

The VEGA series of 8K video streaming appliances supports ultra-low latency, contribution quality 8K HEVC encoding and decoding in a compact format.

  • VEGA-8300D

    The VEGA-8300D is a distribution grade 8Kp60 decoder and player appliance complementing the VEGA-8300E encoder. It can decode 8K from OTT or satellite at up to 85Mbps, and output 8K 4:2:0 format over 4 x DisplayPort outputs.

  • VEGA-8300E

    The VEGA-8300E is a fully integrated 8Kp60 live HEVC contribution encoder and streaming appliance in a compact low power form factor with a user-friendly web-based control and management interface.

  • VEGA-8301D

    The VEGA-8301D is a fully integrated 8Kp60 live HEVC contribution decoder with Spin Player software included, complementing the full capability of the VEGA-8300E 8K Encoder up to 250Mbps and supporting decode and playout of 8Kp60 10bit 4:2:2 with HDR output.

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