4K Real-Time Video Appliance

The VEGA 6000 family of compact video processing appliances supports ultra-low latency 4K HEVC encoding, decoding and IP media streaming.

  • VEGA-6300

    The concept of local and personal broadcasting is proliferating, driven by web-accessible or OTT service providers such as Facebook, YouTube & Twitch. In addition to personal streaming from cellphones, many sports and music events and activities are being pushed to online media and this requires a more professional-grade solution, capable of handling industry standard SDI interfaces. Inevitably, the demand for 4K will invade this segment too, and providing a stable, high quality live video stream product becomes the key to this industry. This is where the VEGA-6300 can help. 

    Based on renowned Ambarella technology, the VEGA-6300 is a small, lightweight, low power video processing engine featuring a range of HEVC and H.264 encoding features. It allows users to capture live video up to 4K/UHD resolution from SDI feeds or from an HDMI 2.0 input, encode for efficient transmission using the latest hardware HEVC compression technology, and then transmit to end users or content...

  • VEGA-6301

    The VEGA-6301 application ready appliance is a small, low power video processing platform, cramming professional video acquisition and capture interfaces, optional Video over IP terminations, a real-time 4Kp60 10bit HEVC encoder, and a full capability Intel Core series processing host into a half rack-width, short depth enclosure. It allows users to capture and adapt live video at up to 4K/UHD resolution from SDI or HDMI feeds and then encode for streaming to content delivery or distribution networks by using the latest hardware HEVC compression technology. A software upgrade option can enable live Video over IP capture and playout, allowing users to support standards like SMPTE 2022-6, Sony IP Live Production System, and AIMS/VSF recommendations with the TICO mezzanine codec. Compressed video can be streamed over a redundant Gigabit Ethernet connection, or a USB connected wireless access dongle. The application development environment is the same Linux or Windows based SDK supported b...

  • VEGA-6304

    The VEGA-6304 is the first 8Kp60 Real Time HEVC Encoder enable real-time, professional-grade HEVC video processing at much less power consumption than a software-only solution.

    This application ready appliance is a portable size system with flexibility for rack-mount. VEGA-6304 equipped with user friendly application and interface so it allows users easy to capture and operate 8K encoding and streaming. 1-ch 8K Video input are supported to real time encoding at 10 bit colour depth with HDR support and 4:2:2 chroma subsampling.

    Aside from video compression, VEGA-6304 offers 22.2 audio channels acquisition by SDI interface.

  • VEGA-6311

    The VEGA-6311 is a video encoder/decoder platform that uses H.265/HEVC high-efficiency video encoding technology to enable high quality 4K/UHD signal transmission in professional contribution applications, and all in a low-power half-1U chassis.

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